All Bihar Shershahbadi Association

A Basic and fundmatical great meeting of All Bihar Shershahbadi Association . And New re selection of Commettee
All Bihar Shershahbadi Association Reg.
It is guidline Association of our community
To increase of this community civilization a meeting was held on 17 January 2021 day Sunday at 12 O clock ⏰ in the place of under Masjid Touheed Zeromile Araria,
In this meeting All Seemanchal incumbent and office holders as well as great scholas and famous person’s were present ,by presented of these ,All Bihar Shershabadi Association of Araria selection commettee have baeen completed,
In a great joyful occasion Shaikh Inamul Haque Madani Hafejahullah has welcomed all presented guests as well as talking main perpose of this meeting , and Information of All Bihar Shershahbadi. Association have been delivered by Shaikh after that Shaikh Rizwan Salafi came in front of public and told Islam have a great conception of Unity
And Relationship of Muslims And also said that most necessary to come in one plateform
Lots of verses shows about unity in the holy Quran So that whatever we do work we should be in unity, because the present government want to worst things so most to become necessary to unity.
Same way The chief guest Dr.Amanullah Madani Told during his formaly speech to come in one unity,
And should try to make strong of Association after that Dr.Ibrahim Madani Hafejahullah came in front of people and give information of Association his language was Bengali, in his speech he said that to be silent it would be harmful in future so it is necessary to make strong our Association.
At last new commettee have been selected,
Advice of all presented people with unity Shaikh Mofizuddin Riyazi hafezahullah has been selected as president and secretutry Md Asif As it cashier Nazir Ahmad selected ,
in the same way vice and members also selected
After selection of commettee, All Bihar Shershahbadi association president Dr.Saidur Rahman has given good advice and also give information about All Bihar Shershahbadi association and give answers of reaction and said we are native of this country we have all authorities as others people we have been rectified so we must participate in Association
Then last Shaikh Mofizuddin Riyazi hafezahullah thanked All the presented people and anounced end of programme.

Reported By: Shahabuddin salafi Director of Shehab Islamic academy khairuganj Bangama Araria


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