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Written by Md Seraj s/o Md Zakir

It is an undisputed fact and there is no hidden for any rational that sooner or later leaving away from here each and everyone must have gone to hereafter,whether they have either in conection with any religion.Partly because of Covid-19 and partly because of poverty a host of people passed away…..
You must have cognizance of this.for the last couple of days a famous Urdu poet Rahat Indori and others be these have relation to somewhere. In the same way, yesterday Parnab Mukherjee Former president of india passed away…
Given why shouldn’t be have a go to jot down at a few wards in respect of him.


Pranab Mukherjee was born on December 11, 1935. He was an Indian politician who served as the 13th president of India from 2012 to 2017.Prior to his election as president.Mukherjee was a Union Finance Minister from 2009 to 2012 also awarded India’s highest civilian honour, The Bharat Ratna in 2019.


Parnab was born into a Bengali family at Mirati, a village in the Bengal presidency of British India.
His father, Kamada Kinder.Mukherjee was an active Indian independence movement……
And was a member of WB legislative Council between 1952 and 1964 as a representative of the Indian National Congress.He attended the Suri Vidyasagar college in Suri then affiliated to a university of Calcutta.
He subsequently got an MA and an LLB degrees both from here.

Family and personal life:

Parnab Mukherjee married Suvra Mukherjee on july 13, 1957. Suvra Mukherjee was born and raised in Narail, Bangladesh.The couple had two sons and a daughter.His wife passed away on August 18, 2015 aged 74 of heart failure while Mukherjee was still in office.

Political Career:

What to be pen down regarding it?after studting his whole life whatever get to know,it’s difficult that how should be convened in a brief introduction?whatever is it but the reality is that he has been an expensive axample of the rset political men.
Mukherjee started his political career as a founding member of Bangla Congress in 1965.He became a member of Rajya Sabha(The upper house of India Parliment) in july 1969 on a Bangla Congress ticket then Prime Minister of India , Indira Gandhi recognised Mukherjee’s talents,stamina and recruited him to her party.Mukherjee was re-elected to the house in 1975,1981,1993 and you can assume well about his a crucial role.

Political Party Role:

Mukherjee was “very well respected with the party social circles”. Owing to this spread on the whole social media being a little bit trouble.Media accounts describe his having a repulation as a number-crunching politician with a phenomenal memory and unerring survival instinct.It can be assumed from this point that he was re-elected to the house in 1975,1981,1993 and 1999. He also became a member of the central parliamentary Board of the AICC.
Mukherjee played a crucial role in steering the cabinent pre-lok sabha election when PM was Manmohan Singh. Can’t be ever forgotten of his period.

Health issues:

During the Covid-19 pandemic on August 10, 2020. Mukherjee informed on twitter that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Prior to his surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain. He was on ventilator support and in critical position at the Army’s Research and Referral(R&R) hospital in Delhi. Either from time to time had been informed on twitter and other social networking as per his health issues.

Offices Held:

He has worked in most of offices….
A few of those are here?
?Union Minister of Industrial Development(1973-74)
?Minister of state for finance(1974-75)
? Treasure of Congress party(1978-1979)
?Leader of house of Rajya Sabha (1980-85)
?Board of Governors of world Bank (1982-85)
?Board of Governors of Asian Development Bank(1982-84)
?President of state Unit of Congress Party(1985 and 2000-08)
?Chairman of Economic Advisory cell of AICC (1987-1989)
?Union Minister of Commerce (1993-95)
?Union Minister of external Affairs (1995-96)
?leader of house of lok sabha (2004-12)
?President of India (25july 2012 to 25 july 2017)

National Honours:
Here are give a couple of those…..

?Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian award in 2008
?Bharat Ratna India’s highest civilian award in 2019

Foreign Honours
?Bangladesh liberation war Honouro on March 5, 2013
Etc etc…

Acadmic Honours:

  • ?Hon.D.litt by Asam university in March 2012
    ?Hon. LLD. by president of Bangladesh and chancellor Md.Zillur Rahman at                                     university of Dhaka on March 4, 2013.
    ?Hon. Doctorate by Istanbul university on Oct 5, 2013.
    ?Hon. Doctorate in political science by university of Jordan on Oct 11, 2015.
    ?Hon. Doctorate by Goa university on 25 April 2017.
    Etc etc…

Other recongnition
?Best Finance Minister in world(1984) according to survey of Euromoney magazine.
?Finance Minister of year(2010)by the Banker. Etc..

Books written:

Not more but still here are given…
? Beyond Survival(1986)
?Off the track(1987)
?Challenges Before the nation(1993)
?Thoughts and Reflection(2014)

Parnab Mukherjee passed away on 31August 2020 at the age of 84 from complication Covid-19.
Condolences poured immediately from leaders of both India and other nation.
?The PM of India
?The president Ram nath Kovid
And vice Venkaiah Naidua.
?congress leader, Rahul Gandi.
Conveyed their condolences via twitter
? The PM of Nepal,KP Sharma oli
?The PM of Bhutan and Shri lanka along with a host of people,students,soprts,players and actors from the country or other country expressed their condolences.

The nation will be indebted for good to his tireless service and dedication to serving the nation.
The nation can never forget…


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