Why ia Shakeel Ahmad Khan losing from the 64 Assembly in Kadwa !!!

Shakeel Ahmed Khan won by only 5799 votes in 2015 when JDU, RJD and Congress were together in the regimentation. In 2020, JDU is separated from the regimentation with its 19 thousand votes, which fell 13 thousand votes from the account of Shakeel Ahmed automatically. Secondly, there was no Muslim face against Shakeel Ahmed in 2015.

This time , there are two big Muslim faces from Kadwa in the form of Najam Rahi and Dr. MR Hoque who would get a good number of votes. Dr. MR Haque has been in the Aam Aadmi Party for six years. Mr hoque will receive 85% of the vote of the entire fraternity. 

Najam Rahi, he is every heart’s love, they love him very much.  Najam Rahi is standing with every problem of Kadva residents, as well as his election symbol is the clock, Watch MP Tariq Anwar Saheb’s hard work is a well-known picture of poor farmer, laborers on the clock  Will vote fiercely. Local people will also give a good vote for Najam Rahi, Najam Rahi worked to provide relief material to thousands of families trapped during the lockdown.

 This is the reason why thousands of families of Gethora, Ratni, Bharti Sikorna, Singapore, Baura Bijli etc. are heartily associated with Najam Rahi, and they are all Hindon voters. A positive for Najam Rahi is that the person is a favorite in locality.  Since the local issue has arisen, people focus more on Najam Rahi.

On the other hand, local road minister Hemraj Singh ji always has about 25 thousand votes, he is also Local person and worked for connecting his old Kadva with Purnia and Barsoi and Katihar.

 Hemraj singh contested elections from BJP and NCP also, this time BJP does not have ticket from Kadwa and all those who have got tickets from NDA regimentation are outsiders, BJP’s vote is now in the account of Minister Himraj Singh !!

     Chandra Bhushan Thakur is from Ram Vilas Paswan’s party. They also contested by BJP ticket, being an outsider, Chandra Bhushan would get 50% of the votes of only Paswan and Chhoti Jati.

   Suraj Kumar Roy of JDU will get the same votes as Independent candidate !!! There will be no any use for party and regimentatation.“Local Lao bahari Bhagao” slogan is echoing the entire Kadva.

In such a situation, the former road minister Hemraj Singh and public dear, social worker Najam Rahi are going be lucky.  In this way, statistics show that Shakeel Ahmed Khan will lose by 21 thousand votes.These figures may also change.

I’m sorry to say

Wirtten By Saddam Rif-at

note:Published articles are opinion of the writer in Inquilab Media


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