Araria: (Shahabuddin) Al-Faiz Model Academy has been got Affiliation code from CBSE, “Very good quality education center is Al-faiz model Academy Basmatiya Araria Bihar””
No doubt Education is the greatest way to successful each Community
And it is also fact tha good quality education is the also greatest way to become successful to any Country
Without education a single country or community can’t be successful
In their purpose, gols ir aims
If the any country or community want to go in the way of success
They should be care and take education, otherwise it is impossible to achieve ther gols or aims ,
Here I want to declare that quality education is the greatest sources to achieve gols and aims
Mr. Dr. Amanullah alndani understood this things that without education we can’t achieve any our gols
So he cared and thought of our community and about our children’s future
When he complet his phd and came his village
He wanted to open a school ,where all childrens can get education In short rupies because the poverty is biggest source to do not get education, so he thought that as richest children can get quality education cation in the same way a poor children can get quality education, with this thinking he surely opend a school in 2014 , with the best thought ,
After to open school he choose good quality teachers, by dint of teachers and his good works
This school has been affiliated CBSE New Delhi in 21March 2022 ,Affiliation No is 331114.
Here once again I would like to say congratulations of all family school
No doubt it is greatest news for all community people
As soon as heard this news all people became happy as well as the students of this school
For this things Dr. Amanullah Almadani
Held a press mitting in his school
During press mitting he said that I am thank full to CBSE Board
After that he said this things because of all of teachers best performance and this school Principal Hasangir Khan
The Director of this school Dr Amanullah almadani has also said that my main moto purpose to give quality education in short rupies.
As well as he said that it is not only but also we will try to give quality Education better than it inshallah
And also said that Admission is going on
Here I want declare that this school is situated in Narpat ganj Block in Araria District
This is the very good social works we can also say that all are management are doing by Dr Amanullah almadani, it is very nice things
During press mitting he said also that in my school orphen students are getting education free, it is also great thing
May allah give them live long and also manage to this school
Allah protect this school from evils and give it success way.


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