Today 13 february 2021,an important meeting of All Bihar Shershabadi Association Araria took place in Masjid Touheed Zeromile Araria at 11 AM to take good advise for the selection of Bolck level committee,
In this meeting All the district level committee members were present ,all the members of district level gave their opinion and made this meeting successful,
And took good way the selection of Block level committee,
Mr Shaikh Mofizuddin Riyazi Hafezahullah president of All Bihar Shershabadi Association Araria thanked of all members, and make schedule for awareness and selection Block level committee,
Schedule the selection of the Block level committee and post level of All Bihar Shershahaabadi Association Araria.

+JOKI (BANGAMA program place) Date 21/02/2021 SUNDAY 10 AM
(2 ) RANIGANJ (KARANKIA program place) Date 28/02/2021 SUNDAY 10 AM
CH program place) Date 07/03/2021 SUNDAY 10.30 AM
(4 ) PALASI (BHATTABADI program place) Date11/03/2021 THURSDAY 11 AM
(program place BATRAHA Date 16/03/2021 TUESDAY 11 AM
(6 ) NARPATGANJ (program place BADA BABWAN) Date 21/03/2021 SUNDAY 11 AM
This schedule has been confirmed by the all district members Araria,such as Qamrul Hoda Madani, Jamil Kerani, Zakir Hussain, Md Nazir, Manzoor Mandal, Saddam Hussain, Md Yasin, Abdul Hannan, Abdul Matin, Imam Hussain, etc
By din’t of Allah this meeting Has been completed
May Allah give the right way for this Association and to become strong in the whole way,
At Last i request all readers Please care on schedule and take part in it, and make strong of it,
Repoter Mr Shahabuddin, Director Shahab Isalamic Academy, Araria


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