As well as New selection comittee of KisanGanj 

All Bihar sershahaabdi Association (Reg.) it is very guidable Association of our community, to progress this association a metting had been called on 21february 2021 in Fatma Al zohra , tengar meri Salki Kishanganj,
In this important meeting all officers of All Bihar sershahaabdi association had been participated by dint of they new comittee selection of District level have been completed,
In this metting first ao all Shaikh Inamul Haque Madani Hafezahullah came in front oh public, and thanked all peoples after that he told all histories and aim of Shershaabadi, as well as Mubarak Hussain ‘s work About this association,
Today we are khown from this title name Shershahaabadi, a big hand to give us this Name of Mubarak Hussain , we can’t forget his laborious and sacrifice, before it we didn’t know he gave life to it and different identification, in this era we need to be united and be strong this association, so that what ever we do with unity , the current Government stand in wrong way, so more need to be unity, because of it All Bihar sershahaabdi association it is our community Association, so all are need to be strong this association, after that Shaikh Mofuzuddin Ritazi Hafezahullah also came in front of public, he thanked all people who has participeted, and also said to be silent it will be so harmful for us in future, so our responsbility is to make strong this association, it is not for only person, we need to work with unity, in this great occasion many great scholars and person had participeted they are following, President absa Dr Saeedur Rahman, shaikh Rizwan salafii ( life time member ABSA) Mr engineer Abdul jabbar advocate Md Hasan Advocate Md Tajammul Haque, shaikh Firoz Alam Nadvi, Shaikh Absur Rashid Mazhari, Shaikh Mujammil Haque Madani Hafezahullah, Shaikh Misbahuddin Bukhari Mr Abdul Gafoor, Mr Mukhiya ( Head) And also Md Usuf, Mansoor Alam, Mr khalid,
These All scholars gave speech turn by turn,
As it Mr Shaikh Rizwan salafii hafezahullah thanked All guests , and gave important advice, as well as a office has been demanded to build in every district, so that people can attend their perpose, and right way, by it we will be known,
At last with unity new comittee have been salected , as a president shaikh Misbahuddin Bukhari chose and secratury Mukhiya Abdur Rahman, and as a capacitor Shaikh Mujammil Haque Madani and also salected members,
Mr Saeedur Rahman President All Bihar Shershahaabadi, told About this Association And it’s aim
And also said that we have all authority and right and we are cityzen of India
And we are proud to an Indian,
We have to encourage and to make successful,
At last Shaikh Misbahuddin hafezahullah thanked all people and anounced to end the metting



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