Dreams Dreams
But where are my dreams?
Let’s come to know
Why are our dreams not full fill? What is the reason behind it, are we lazy? Are we not able to achieve our goal? Do we see a bad dream? Are we not trying to achieve this?
Are we not thinking about our Dreams? As it many questions arises, listen to a man story he has a lot of dreams and future to achieve goals all times he thought how could he became a great man
He cooked food and kept in his near-bed where he slept whenever he felt hungry he arose up and took food
One day after eating food he slept and he began to dreams he wasn’t poor or as he was, he was the owner of whatever he wants to become in his life, and also see that has a lot of wealth
Think we that he full filled his dreams but only it was in sleep night
Suddenly and rapidly moved his leg, his leg put on on his pot just he wakes up and sees that I am present in Where I was,
This story shows don’t make an ivory tower
, we should hard work and be laborious
That’s we achieve our dreams and future goals
And follow to rules of Allah.

Written By: Shahabuddin Salafi khairuganj Bangama Araria Bihar


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