Obituary: Irfan khan dies at 53 , battling colon infection


Obituary: Irfan khan dies at 53 , battling colon infection

written by: Mizanur Rahman
S/o Abdul Kadir

Today, Irrfan Khan passed away at hospital in Mumbai where he was admitted because of colon infection. The actor had been battling cancer since 2018 and his official spokesperson had confirmed on Tuesday that he was under doctor’s observation.

Irfan was survived by his beloved life wife sutapa and sons-Babil and Ayan.
His family issued statement” I trust I have given up. ” These were the some of many words that Irfan wrote opening up about his fight with cancer in 2018.But now we can say remembering him that he was a strong soul, who inspired everyone who came close to him. Surrounded by his love, his family for whome he most cared about, he left for heaven Abode, leaving behind truly legacy of his own and now we can do only one thing for him is we all pray and hope that he is at peace and to reverb and resonate and part with his words he said “as if I was testing life for the first time the magical side of it”



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