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FARMERS PROTEST and 72nd Republing day in india

FARMERS PROTEST the yesterday while the whole country was busy in celebrating of Republic day meanwhile the farmers the back bone of India was trying to enter Delhi capital braking the barricades and because of it happened the clash between farmers and police personal therefore many of them injured, but my aim is by this topic to say that the...

The All Bihar Shershabadi association are going the way of in Araria and Kishanganj

It is very important and dynamic joys and happiness and joyful to Inform all of you, that All Bihar Shershaabadi Association Reg. Once again are to see increasing and devloping day by day, due to this All Bihar Shershabadi Association's Secretury and parsident and Join secratury as well as the president of All Bihar Shershabadi association of Araria are trying...

An under ground door of Polytheism

Speech of Masjid Touheed Zeromile Araria on 22 January/2021 by Shaikh Tahjeebul Akhlaque Madani Hafejahullah, A good speech delivered by Shaikh Tahjeebul Akhlaque Madani Hafejahullah, topic was, under ground door of polytheism, in Masjid Toured Zeromile Araria Run by. (Hasana EducationalTrust Araria Bihart) .Mr. Shaikh Tahjeebul Akhlaque Madani Hafejahullah said his delivering speech Polytheism ans to set up partner...

Islam prohibits insulting of other religion’s God

islam is a peace Religion
Religion of Islam is pure and unique truth religion entire the world which mission's is always guide to the truth and end the destruction and corruptions from this universe and seed the peace and harmony as well as Islam says there be no compulsion in Islam, the right course has become clear from the wrong, so any disbeliever could not be forced to except Islam...

Dreams Dreams But where are my dreams ?

Dreams Dreams But where are my dreams? Let's come to know Why are our dreams not full fill? What is the reason behind it, are we lazy? Are we not able to achieve our goal? Do we see a bad dream? Are we not trying to achieve this? Are we not thinking about our Dreams? As it many questions arises, listen to a...

Congress party held a press conference in its headquarter and said that there is huge tragedy in our country

Congress party held a press conference in its headquarter and said that there is a huge tragedy in our country and added that the youngsters must listen what I am going to say that today we only listen about two or three people in industry and mobiles as well as BJP wants to do massive manipulation to benefit two...

A Basic and fundmatical great meeting of All Bihar Shershahbadi Association

A Basic and fundmatical great meeting of All Bihar Shershahbadi Association . And New re selection of Commettee All Bihar Shershahbadi Association Reg. It is guidline Association of our community To increase of this community civilization a meeting was held on 17 January 2021 day Sunday at 12 O clock ⏰ in the place of under Masjid Touheed Zeromile Araria, In this meeting...

A Political Analysis of 064 Kadwa assembly

Why ia Shakeel Ahmad Khan losing from the 64 Assembly in Kadwa !!! Shakeel Ahmed Khan won by only 5799 votes in 2015 when JDU, RJD and Congress were together in the regimentation. In 2020, JDU is separated from the regimentation with its 19 thousand votes, which fell 13 thousand votes from the account of Shakeel Ahmed automatically. Secondly, there was no...

Former Union Minister Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh Passes away

Former Union Minister Raghavan Parsad Singh died on Sunday around 11am due to breathlessness and other complications. He was 74. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh was undergoing treatment at AIIMS in Delhi since August 4 and was on ventilator for the last four days. Hearingthe death News of Raghuvansh Prasad, a wave of mourning ran throughout the country. All veteran leaders from Delhi to...

Corona Virus Update:The Famous Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ John Tested Positive For Covid-19

Reported By Mizanur Rahman S/o Abdul Kadir The former wrestler, now who is actor Dwayne 'The Rock's John, said he and his wife, Lauren Hashian and two young daughters had tested for the novel coronavirus about two-and-a-half weeks ago despite being "disciplined" about health protection. However, they all are now recovered from the disease, he said. Johnson (48) announced their diagnosis in an...

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