written by: Mizanur RahmanS/o Abdul Kadir

The luminary of Bollywood, actor Rishi Kapoor is no more with us.Because he was suffering from Leukemia cancer.He had been hospitalised in Mumbai on Wednesday.His elder brother Randheer Kapoor said that he was in hospital.He was suffering from cancer and he had problem of breathing, that’s why he had been hospitalized.The actor returned to India last September after undergoing treatment for cancer in the US.

Rishi Kapoor passed away at 67, battling Leukemia cancer. In February,Rishi Kapoor was hospitalized twice.The 67-year-actor -Rishi Kapoor,who was quite active on social media, hasn’t posted anything on his Twitter account since April 2.The actor had announced his next project a remake of Bollywood film” The Intern” with Deepika Padukone.But now we can do only one thing for him is we all pray and hope that he is at peace.


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