It is very important and dynamic joys and happiness and joyful to Inform all of you, that All Bihar Shershaabadi Association Reg. Once again are to see increasing and devloping day by day, due to this All Bihar Shershabadi Association’s Secretury and parsident and Join secratury as well as the president of All Bihar Shershabadi association of Araria are trying to How to increase and develop this Association, And How to develop in Education, and Economic problems, or whatever problems which is that this Community are facing, so that on 24/01/2021, day Sunday, a grand meetting was held
In Lakshmipur kishanGanj as well as in Araria Bihar, in this metting, As a chief guest were Profisor Dr. Sayeedur Rahman persident of All Bihar Shershabadi association, and Joint Secratury Shaikh Inamul Haque Madani as well as Advocate Md Hasan, and also Engenier Abdul Jabbar, most important thing there was present Shaikh Mofizuddin Riyazi persident of all Bihar Shershabadi association Araria Bihar, and many villagers came from Shershahabadi Villages to make strong this Association, all things are being showed in These pictures,
These are chief guests have been told important things about this association, by this association we can go to the devloping way and we face many bad challenges of This Government, as we know that what are saying this Government, if we are coming in one place or platform, we give answers strongly, not only this but also we can be strong as a community and nation and be also our civilization Shaikh Mofizuddin Riyazi has told that we have no unity so that lots of orgnizations and Association are keeping bad way and jealous from us, and other about important things, at last anounced of the ending meetting.

Reported by: Shahabuddin salafi Khairuganj Bangama Araria


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