The annual day celebration 2022 of Shehab Islamic Academy Khairuganj Bangama Araria has been completed by dint of Allah,,
Education is obligation on Muslim as said prophet Muhammad (swa)
So that Allah subhanau tala reviled first verse of QURAAN al iqra(اقراء)
Every year cultural programs are being celebrated in the same way this year is also the annual day celebration of Shehab Islamic Academy has been completed by dint of Allah here I want to declare that this program was started as the way of in Manner of Salaf, mean From the name of almighty Allah after that Naat Nabi Had been also recited ,
After that the students of Pre nur recited the English poems in good way, after that LKG, UKG std 1 students delivered short speech in different topics
Some students delivered speech on the topic of Abu Bakr Sidique (RW) and Mohammed (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)
Mohammad is our Last messenger and last prophet
It is not only but also some speech delivered in the topic of Importance of Education,Value of decipline, Beti bachwo Beti Padhawo schemes, Sood khori, Women Education,
As well as in Hindi Language. Some speech Delivered by the Some students as Dilshad Abul kalam, shamshad, Seed anjum, Mohtasim, in different topics,
These topics are prepared and guided by our teachers and principle And The Director Shahabuddin salafi
As well as Drama, Mime Pyramids, Indian Unity, also are performed by The senior students,
By these programs lots of guardian and parents wanted to admit their childrens, because here quality education is are given
In this program lots of Guests came such as Sibten Ahmad, the Director of Career Guide Academy, and Mubashir Ahmad, Sabihul Qamar, Aadil rashid present Mukhiya ,
These guests make understood presented people about important of Education,
,as well as Bait Bazi competition also held
Shoukat Mohammadi, And ZiyaulHaque salafi, both were judge
By dint of alah The Function completed and ended by the good wishes


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