Respected teacher, presented guests and dear friends !
All the first my heartfelt wishes to all Indians for Independence Day.
As you know very well that today is 15th August which is celebrated as the independence day in Indian history.
Dear audience! We are so lucky that we born in free and independent India in where we have all rights of our lives, we have our own Constitution according which every one is equal and every citizens of our country has all rights there is no discrimination.
But this time was not so as today, about seventy years ago our country was under power of English men. The natives of our nation were not free. They had no rights, they had no Constitution, they had no right to chose and elect their own liked government. They were landless despite having lands and properties. The English men tortured our Indian natives around 150 years.
Gradually, the time had changed and the educated and patriots persons of our country started to raise their voices against the bad policies of British rule and their atrocity and colonialism policy and they fought for independence till their last breathe.
All casts and religions had lost its followers for this country. Hindu, Muslim,Sikh, Christian became bhai-bhai and fought independence war together.
Then after a very long time, after a huge number of sacrifices, our country got independence on the mid night of 15th August 1947.
That’s why We celebrate this day as independence day.
And this our duty and responsibility to remember those persons and martyrs who sacrificed to free this country who lost their lives for this nation.
We should remember and thank them and we should pay them homage and honour.
جو شہید ہوۓ ان کی ذرا یاد کرو قربانی۔
At last We all indians pray to our Allah (God) for remaining the prosperity and unity and brotherhood of this country.


Written By:Md Dilshad s/o Md Samir JMI


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