Famous Poet Rahat Indori

Abdul Mateen Research Scholor AFU

Rahat Indori was an Indian Bollywood lyricist and urdu language poet. He spent his life at Devi Ahliya University Indore as a Professor and as a padagogist of urdu literature,
he born in 1950 in Indor. The poet completed his basic education from there after which he completed his M.A in urdu literature from bhopal and achieved his PhD from Bhoj University of Madhya Pardadesh.
Indori took up a teacher job in urdu literature at IK College .Indori where he got opportunities to attend musharahs and soon started receiving invitation to perform in India and abroad, his some sher got familiar all over India. Like ” Ksi ke baap ka hindustan thodi hai” taken from his Ghazal ” Agar khilaf hai hone do ”
and one other sher ” jab mai mar jaun to mere Alag Pahachan likh dena lahu se meri peshani per Hindustan likh dena . He wrote several books his famous book are “Do Kadam aur Sahee, and “Naraz” in amazon took served all over world, but Now we lost him today 5:pm


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