Speech of Masjid Touheed Zeromile Araria on 22 January/2021 by Shaikh Tahjeebul Akhlaque Madani Hafejahullah, A good speech delivered by Shaikh Tahjeebul Akhlaque Madani Hafejahullah, topic was, under ground door of polytheism, in Masjid Toured Zeromile Araria Run by. (Hasana EducationalTrust Araria Bihart) .Mr. Shaikh Tahjeebul Akhlaque Madani Hafejahullah said his delivering speech Polytheism ans to set up partner with Allah is the greatest bad things, it is the biggest source of to go to The Hill because of it Many People have been gone in the Hill,
After that he said that Many Verses of The Holy Qur, ‘an express or Show about Bad effect of On the people that is the result of Involving in polytheism, The Verses of the Qur’an shows that partner with Allah is a very Grave in Justice and obstinately persisted in great Sin of denying Allah, no doubt Polytheism is the biggest harmful and wrong effectual things, lots of sins will be forgiven by Allah but not of Involving in polytheism person, due to Polytheism and set up partner with Allah a man cannot be Understandable Authority of Allah and Prophets, by Polytheism Many old Nation or Communities have been destroyed, many people involved in this sin even then say that we have not involved in set up partner with Allah,
Lots of people think there are no sins, only they think polytheism is to make God As Allah and to warship of it, listen they are definitely in wrong way,
the Guest.
Speaker said with more excited about Polytheism, our prophet Muhammad peace and blessing on upon him Hardly said to about forbidden and prohibited,
And stop every source of step, and involving way in polytheism
He gave many examples of sinners of this bad things, due to it, they have been destroyed,
Many people don, ‘t understand and take it in little to admire more and more of Guides or great gentle person, but this is biggest source to get involved in this sin, after coming Idom in world everyone was in one religion, but as past many days, people beginning to take source of polytheism, as our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said On my Lord don, ‘t let my grave be worshiped as a fetish, in short everything that is deemed to be a for of worship to God many not be offered to other than God,
After he has lots of Hadith recited, And gave more information about how can we save from polytheism, At last he prayed of Allah may Allah save us from to get involved in polytheism, and to perform of Salah and believe on only one Allah


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